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Long ago in a world of peace...there lived mysterious beings, beings that which changed the world.
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 Small Weapon Shop

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Death God

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PostSubject: Small Weapon Shop   Thu Apr 29, 2010 7:43 pm

Sleep arrow+1 arrow, deals nonlethal damage and might put target to sleep132
Screaming bolt+2 bolt, enemies in path must make Will save or become shaken267
Fountainhead arrow (or bolt)Creates acid burst (2d8 damage) for 3 rounds when fired at a flat surface306
Arrow (or bolt) of biting+1 arrow, poisons target, dealing initial and secondary 1d6 Con damage506
Javelin of lightningBecomes 5d6 lightning bolt when thrown1,500
Slaying arrow+1 arrow, kill one type or subtype of creature (Fort DC 20 negates)2,282
+1 weaponWeapon has +1 on attack rolls and damage rolls2300
Meteoric knife+1 dagger, 3 charges, gains flaming and returning properties and other effects2,802
Bow of the wintermoonCorellon Larethian: +1 composite longbow plus relic powers3,400
Slaying arrow, greater+1 arrow, kill one type or subtype of creature 4,057
Crystal echoblade+1 longsword, deals extra sonic damage while using bardic music4,310
Shatterspike+1 longsword, more damage when sundering if you have Improved Sunder feat4,315
Living chain+1 spiked chain, +2 on Strength check to trip a target4,325
Bowstaff+1/masterwork quarterstaff, becomes +1 longbow on command4,600
Bladed crossbow+1 heavy crossbow, also functions as +1 battleaxe4,660
Hooked hammer of the hearthfireGarl Glittergold: +1/+1 gnome hooked hammer plus relic powers5,120
Assassin whip+1 whip, 2/day target subject to entangling plant attack for 3 rounds5,301
Spider fang+1 dagger, cut through webs, create free-standing curtain of cobwebs 1/day5,302
Galeb duhr hammer+1 warhammer, on a critical hit, floor holds target in place if you have stonecunning5,312
Trident of serenity+1 trident, 3/day calm emotions for 5 rounds5,315
Manticore greatsword+1 greatsword, 6/day launch spikes as thrown weapon5,350
Staff of the unyielding oakObad-Hai: +1/+1 quarterstaff plus relic powers5,600
Rod of surprisesBecomes various magic weapons, can store a message as magic mouth spell6,000
Spectral daggerChill touch on touch attack6,000
Raptor arrowEhlonna: +1 arrow plus relic powers6,006
Whip of webs+1 whip, 3/day target entangled as if by a net for up to 3 rounds6,301
Dagger of defiance+1 dagger, +3 on saves against enchantment and fear effects6,302
Scorpion kama+1 kama, deals unarmed strike damage (Gharyn's monastic array)6,302
Viperblade+1 dagger, 5 charges/day, secretes poison of various strengths6,302
Death spike+1 cold iron spear, reduce target to fewer than 0 hp to gain several bonuses6,304
Stonereaver+1 greataxe, bane property against earth-based creatures if you are a dwarf6,320
Swordbow, lightBecomes +1 shortbow or +1 rapier6,330
SwordbowBecomes +1 longbow or +1 longsword6,375
Swordbow, greatBecomes +1 composite longbow (+4 Str bonus) or +1 greatsword6,775
The fist+1 adamantine spiked gauntlet, immune to chill metal/heat metal, 1/day stunning attack7,005
Morningstar of the manyErythnul: +1 morningstar plus relic powers7,308
Rod of defiance+1 heavy mace, undead treated as having 4 fewer HD for turn/rebuke checks7,312
Stunshot sling+1 sling, 3/day target stunned for 1 round7,800
Mace of the dark children+1 adamantine heavy mace, +3 on rebuke undead checks, improved rebuking ability8,012
+2 weaponWeapon has +2 on attack rolls and damage rolls8300
Dagger of venom+1 dagger, 1/day poison8,302
Warlock's scepter+1 light mace, 5 charges/day, +1 on ranged touch attack rolls, eldritch blast bonuses8,305
Blazing skylance+1 lance, 3/day 15-ft. cone of 5d4 fire damage8,310
Forceful skylance+1 lance, 3/day magic missile (three missiles)8,310
Ghost netIncorporeal target treated as corporeal8,320
Axe of ancestral virtueMoradin: +1 keen adamantine dwarven waraxe plus relic powers8,530
Dwarf crusherLarge +1 adamantine greatclub, benefits against dwarves, constructs, earth creatures9,010
Skewer-of-gnomesKurtulmak: Small +1 gnome bane spear plus relic powers9,302
Spear of retributionGruumsh: +1 returning spear plus relic powers9,302
Rod of the recluseLolth: +2 light mace plus relic powers9,305
DawnstarPelor: +2 morningstar plus relic powers9,308
Pick of piercing+1 heavy pick, 3/day destroys object created of force (as disintegrate)9,308
Sword of virtue beyond reproachHeironeous: +1 holy longsword plus relic powers9,315
Rapier of desperate measuresOlidammara: +2 rapier plus relic powers9,320
Rapier of unerring directionFharlanghn: +1 ghost touch rapier plus relic powers9,320
Sword of mighty thewsKord: +1 dragonbane greatsword plus relic powers9,350
Trident of warning+2 trident, locate aquatic predators10,115
Talon scepter+1 flaming light mace, ray of fire deals 1d6 damage (regalia of the phoenix)10,305
Axe of the sea reavers+1 greataxe, float on water, 1/day each, various morale bonuses and panic effects10,320
Rod of cats1/masterwork quarterstaff various stealth-themed effects10,600
Chromatic rodTiamat: +1 corrosive, frost, flaming, or shock morningstar plus relic powers12,308
Rogue blade+1 rapier, 2/day blink for 6 rounds12,320
Bow of songs+1 shortbow, expend bardic music for Cha bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls12,330
Shifter's sorrow+1/+1 two-bladed sword, +2d6 damage to shapechangers, force return to natural form12,780
Python rod+1/+1 quarterstaff transforms into python and back on command13,000
Tentacle rodMakes three tentacle attacks with slow effect14,000
Rod of whips3/day becomes +1 dancing whip that can strike incorporeal creatures15,000
+3 weaponWeapon has +3 on attack rolls and damage rolls18300
Assassin's dagger+2 dagger, +1 to Fort save DC for assassin's death attack18,302
Rod of enervating strike+1 heavy mace, various inflict wounds effects18,312
Rod of freedom+1 silver heavy mace, various freedom-themed effects and bonuses18,402
Trident of fish command+1 trident, charm, speak with animals on aquatic animals18,650
Viper rod+2 heavy mace, 1/day produces poisonous viper head on command19,000
Water whip+1 whip, lethal damage, +1d6 fire or cold damage and difficult to disarm20,301
Dagger of denialVecna: +1 unholy dagger plus relic powers20,302
Ruby bladeWee Jas: +1 axiomatic dagger plus relic powers20,302
Cudgel that never forgetsSt. Cuthbert: +1 axiomatic heavy mace plus relic powers20,312
Chain of obeisanceHextor: +1 unholy spiked chain plus relic powers20,400
Flame tongue+1 flaming burst longsword, 1/day 4d6 fire damage on ranged touch attack20,715
Luck blade (0 wishes)+2 short sword, +1 on saving throws, power of good fortune22,060
Lash of sands+1 desiccating burst whip, lethal damage, 1/day entangling attack22,301
Sword of subtlety+1 short sword, +4 on attack rolls and damage rolls when making sneak attack22,310
Sword of the planes+1 longsword, enhancement bonus improves depending on plane/opponents22,315
Nine lives stealer+2 longsword, draw life force from an opponent nine times23,057
Mattock of the titansGargantuan +3 adamantine warhammer, loosens earth, smashes rock23,348
Quarterstaff of battle+1/+1 quarterstaff various combat-based effects24,600
Rod of withering+1 light mace, deals Str and Con damage instead of hit point damage25,000
Maul of the titans+3 greatclub, triple damage against inanimate objects25,305
D227Oathbow+2 composite longbow (+2 Str bonus), more effective against sworn enemy25,600
Sword of life stealing+2 longsword, bestow negative level, gain 1d6 temporary hp on critical hit25,715
Scourge of pain+1 scourge, +1d8 nonlethal damage, pain effect for 1d4 rounds26,320
+4 weaponWeapon has +4 on attack rolls and damage rolls32300
Rod of thunder and lightning+2 light mace, various thunder and lightning effects33,000
Tentacle rod, greaterMakes six tentacle attacks with fatigued/exhausted effect36,000
Explosive sling+1 sling, +2d6 fire damage to target and creatures within 10 ft.36,300
Mace of terror+2 heavy mace, 3/day affect creatures as fear spell38,552
Rod of celestial might+1/+1 quarterstaff 3/day holy smite attack, 1/day summon avoral guardinal38,600
Life-drinker+1 greataxe, bestows 2 negative levels on target and one on you40,320
Sylvan scimitar+3 scimitar, gain Cleave, +1d6 points of damage when outdoors47,315
Rod of flailingBecomes +3 dire flail on command, 1/day +4 to AC and on saving throws50,000
+5 weaponWeapon has +5 on attack rolls and damage rolls50300
Rapier of puncturing+2 wounding rapier, 3/day +1d6 Con damage on touch attack50,320
Sun blade+2 bastard sword, wielded as short sword, +4 against evil creatures, 1/day sunlight50,335
Frost brand+3 frost greatsword, shines light when under 0°F, grants protection from fire54,475
Dwarven thrower+2 warhammer, additional benefits if you are a dwarf60,312
Luck blade (1 wish)+2 short sword, +1 on saving throws, power of good fortune, one wish62,360
Rod of lordly mightTransforms into various magic weapons, several other effects70,000
Mace of smiting+3 adamantine heavy mace, more effective against constructs and outsiders75,312
Rod of alertness+7 light mace, +1 on initiative, various detection and other effects85,000
Luck blade (2 wishes)+2 short sword, +1 on saving throws, power of good fortune, two wishes102,660
Holy avenger+2 cold iron longsword, +5 holy cold iron longsword for paladin, other benefits120,630
Luck blade (3 wishes)+2 short sword, +1 on saving throws, power of good fortune, three wishes142,960
Staff of power+2/'masterwork quarterstaff, create various powerful effects211,000
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Small Weapon Shop
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