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Long ago in a world of peace...there lived mysterious beings, beings that which changed the world.
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 Species Family Order Template

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PostSubject: Species Family Order Template   Thu Apr 29, 2010 2:47 pm

Family Name:
Family alignment:is it either house of order or house of chaos?
Family crest:
Family Element:
Family members:
Family history:
Family location:
Family weakness:
Family allies and/or enemies:

[b]Family Name:[/b]
[b]Family alignment:is it either house of order or house of chaos?[/b]
[b]Family crest:[/b]
[b]Family Element:[/b]
[b]Family members:[/b]
[b]Family history:[/b]
[b]Family location:[/b]
[b]Family weakness:[/b]
[b]Family allies and/or enemies:[/b]
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Species Family Order Template
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